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Alaska Bear 
Photo Retreat 
Sept 7-14, 2023
Taken in Alaska
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Tin Man Lee
Alaska Bear 
Photo Retreat 
(Sept 7-14, 2023) 
Join me, Tin Man Lee, for this limited time opportunity, where I show you in-the-field, step by step how I, and my students, have won over 200 national and international awards, to capture the soul and essence of animals. 

Imagine in just one week, you may:
1. take some of the best bear photos, 
2. learn in-the-field techniques of what it takes to win big awards, 
3. discover the secrets of going "viral" in social media,
4. getting invitation for publication and exhibits consistently, 
5. learn how to sell your prints, 
6. have your photos critiqued by me for instant improvement,
7. have an epic trip in one of my favorite places for bear photography side by side with me, 
if you are willing to put in the hard work and allow me to guide you along the way to save YEARS of trial and error. 

Alaska Bear Restreat 2023
For the Alaska retreat, we will have a total of 6-7 photographers plus photo leader (myself) and our bear guide

A few things to note:

1. This trip is timed specifically because it is the later season of bear photography in Lake Clark with a higher chance of seeing bears looking for salmon in the creek for more action in water.

2. This is an intensive instruction tour, meaning that we may be out in the field ALL DAY if the light and sighting is good (You have the option to take any break at the lodge). I will be beside you giving you ideas and instructions to learn how to take great photos given different situation. I will help you with settings, and teach you how to see and capture the special moments.

3. I am going to give photography tutorial during the trip in the evenings or when the light is too harsh for photography in some of the day time. There is a conference room where I will carry out critique session on your photos during photo review sessions.

4. Before the tour, I will have a group zoom meeting to answer all your questions and give you tutorials prior to the trip to understand light, exposure, telephoto lens technique, etc. I will send you detailed PDF on lens selection and how to prepare for the trip. The best lens for the tour is a 400mm 2.8. The second best is a 600mm f/4 but sometimes it's too much lens. I highly recommend you rent a 400mm 2.8 for the trip so I can give you the best instructions on how to handle big lens in low light and action photography.

5. By the end of the trip, you will bring home a portfolio of photos you will remember a lifetime. I will provide two additional group zoom calls to help you with your photos after the trip. 

6. We will charter our own plane directly from Anchorage to Lake Clark. Depending on weather, we also have alternate ways to get to our remote lodge. 

7. And we will have the whole lodge exclusive to our group so that teaching and discussion will be very convenient. Did I mention they have the best seafood and freshly baked bakery… we will have a great time. 

8. Bear photography is my specialty. I won the grand prize among 25,000 entries in Nature's Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International with a bear photo, and have numerous photos of bears in other photo contests, including photos taken in Lake Clark winning Judge's Choice award winner at NANPA and in many exhibits. I won the 2018 Wildlife Category in Nature's Best Photography and my photo is currently displayed in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington DC. I'm also invited judge for Bird Photographer Of The Year, Nature Photographer of the Year, Nature's Best Photography Asia and Viewbug. So I have a lot of experience photographing brown bear and other wildlife I can give you the best tips to capture great photos.

Itinerary for Retreat: 
Sept 7, 2023: Please arrive at Anchorage Alaska Airport before 3pm. If you are flying international please consider arrive one day in advance and notify me for an extra day of booking at the hotel. Stay overnight at the hotel in Anchorage. We will have a meet and greet at the hotel at 6pm and have early dinner together. Lodging and dinner Sept 7 is included.

Sept 8: Breakfast at the hotel is included. Our shuttle leaves at 9am, and we head to the airport to take our chartered plane to the remote bear lodge. The flight is about 1 hour 30 minutes. Once we settled down and grab something to eat at the lodge, we will head out immediately for our first drive to look for bears. Our guide will drive us in the ATV so we don't need to walk all the way from the lodge. After a few hours, if the light is bad and the sighting slows down, we will head back to the lodge for some quick coffee and freshly baked bakery goods. And we will head out again! Around 6pm, we will head back to the lodge for an amazing dinner (sometimes with freshly caught salmon and halibut!). After dinner, we will head out again for more photography! 

Sept 9-12: Full day of bear photography, seminar and training. 
We head out in predawn and photograph all day. With evening photo critique and discussion. 

Sept 13: We head out one more time before breakfast to get one more photoshoot. Our chartered plane will pick us up at around 10am to fly back to Anchorage. Depending on weather, the flight may be delayed so try not to book the flight home Sept 13. We will check in our hotel in Anchorage. Group dinner at 6pm and we will have discussion session after dinner. Lodging included for Sept 13 in Anchorage.

Sept 14: We will have breakfast (included). Fly home. 

Topics we will cover on photo sessions each day at the bear lodge:

Portfolio review of your website and social media page and provide feedback and roadmap to transform your photos. I will share my techniques to create most visual impact for your photos to make a change and help conservation through your platforms. 

- Secrets to consistently winning photo contests. Ideas on major photo contests, and strategy for contest submission with photo critiques. 

- How to create and market museum-quality prints. 

- Building a sustainable, growing email list and marketing for regular, consistent sales… now and for years to come. I will share with you how to collect email address from followers to build your list. The bigger your email list the more prints you can sell. 

- Social media strategies for long-term, sustainable growth to attract print sales and publication. How to get more likes and go viral with posting and build up a big group of loyal followers. 

- A private Facebook Group for the retreat program for sharing info and photo discussion within the group of like-minded photographers. 

- Priority list for my future tours. I will contact you first should I have any future trips before I broadcast to the public.

The Lodge 
Each participant will have their own single room! 
This way you will have more privacy to rest and back up your files. The cost is a lot higher for me to book single room but in my experience it provides the best experience for our guests. We will have the whole lodge exclusive to our group. We will have our breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus snacks (coffee, tea and bakery) there. The rooms, though small, are cozy and very clean. There are common area with couch where we can relax. 
First night: Your own room at the hotel in Anchorage (we will let you know the name once you sign up). You will check in at 3pm, Sept 7, 2023. We will have our dinner meet and greet at 6pm at the hotel lobby then head to restaurant. 

You will have your own room at the bear lodge.

All Meals included at the bear lodge. 

Not Included 
Flights to and from Anchorage to where you are. 
Alcoholic beverages.
Recommended total gratuity for staff (host, guide, chef, room cleaning) at the bear lodge is $300 total.

Total cost for the Alaska Bear Retreat 2023

Please email ASAP

on't Just Take MY Word For It...
So far, Tin Man's students have won over 200 national and international awards including Grand Prize and Category winners such as: 
Nature's Best Photography, 
Bird Photographer of the Year, 
Nature Photographer of the Year, 
Sony World Photo Award, 
Share The View, 
Wildart Photographer of The Year, etc, 
and magazine covers and publication such as 
National Geographic,
Remembering Lions,
Remembering Cheetahs,
Remembering Wild Dogs,
Remembering Bears, 
Outdoor Photographer Mag, 
Wild Planet, etc. 
As one who has viewed millions of photographs over my publishing career I was immediately drawn to Lee’s work. Now published around the world in books, magazines, and exhibitions, his images reflect a very deep respect for nature and the wildlife it nurtures. Lee’s photographs tell stories, rekindling our love for the natural world and reminding us to protect it.
Co-Founder & CEO, Nature's Best Photography
Mr. Stephen Freligh
10 Famous Wildlife Photographers to Inspire You
For me, Tin Man Lee has a seemingly endless supply of gorgeous images; the kind that really make you go “aww.” 
Director of BPOTY and Founder of NatureTTL
Mr. Will Nicholls
Spotlight Photographer
Tin Man Lee is a true Renaissance man. He is an accomplished and award winning nature and wildlife photographer. He is expertly balanced between his creative and analytical sides and finds that the best way to express himself fully is through photography. Where it is certainly evident that Lee has excellent technical abilities, it’s clear his imagery is based in something more.
Editor of Google Nik Softwares (Now owned by DXO)
Ms. Amanda Quintenz-Fiedler
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Photographer Tin Man Lee strives to capture love in the wild. One thing’s for sure, his photographs of bear families, endangered foxes, owls and more will have you planning your next trip to the nearby National Park.
Editor of
who is TIn Man Lee?
Meet Tin Man Lee
Wildlife Photographer
  • Grand Prize, Nature's Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International, 2013 (Among 25,000 entries from 50 countries)
  • Winner, Wildlife Category, Nature's Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International.
  • NANPA Top 10 and NANPA "Expression" magazine cover, 2013
  • Invited Judge: Nature Photographer of the Year. Bird Photographer of the year. Nature's Best Photography. Viewbug. 
  • Featured in Smithsonian Earth, Nik Softwares, Peta Pixel, Outdoor Photographer magazine, Ranger's Rick Jr. Cover of Alaska magazine, Wild Planet Photo magazine, Smithsonian Calendar. 
  • Photos have been displayed in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Invited solo exhibit of 48 photos, HKUST, Hong Kong. 
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